Secondary Character Name Generator!

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You’re writing a book, story, screenplay, or other fiction. And I’m assuming that you have names in your pocket already for your lead characters.

But when you get into the writing, there are just SO. MANY. OTHER. PEOPLE.  And they all need names!  Your leads have friends, enemies, neighbors, family, coworkers, and so many other people surrounding them, and it can be a grind to name them all.  So I’ve taken thousands of first names and last names from around the world, and thrown them into a random name generator.  Keep clicking until you find one that suits your character. Or go the other way — generate the name first, and let it inspire a character!

And if you’re after names for your lead characters, you can absolutely still use this generator!  Maybe one of these random combinations will strike the perfect note for you.

Note: Due to how these lists are built, you may get the same name twice. Which might be exactly what you want! You know that poor “Austin Austin” has stories to tell.


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